Dr Chitra Subramaniam

AO North America, US

Chitra Subramaniam is a passionate learning strategist, educator who brings more than 20 years of experience and expertise in all areas of education. Chitra is an Educational Technology expert who has been involved in implementing online learning systems, learning object repositories, integrating technology solutions in learning, leading the design and implementation of tools related to social learning and mobile learning. A nationally and internationally recognised leader and consultant in continuing medical education, she has a deep interest in knowledge management and its effective translation to healthcare practice, with several committee and advisory board appointments and awards. Chitra has worked in several capacities in education and training in academic, corporate, government, publishing, and not-for-profit organisations. Before joining AO North America, she served as Principal, Learning and Change within the Premier Research Services group at Premier Inc. Chitra also served as the Assistant Dean for Continuing Medical Education at the Duke School of Medicine and was the Assistant Director for the Center for Educational Excellence at the DCRI. She has worked with the American Society for Clinical Pathology as the Director of Educational Design and Technology, a master designer for IBM, AT & T, CMS and several academic, corporate, government and non-for-profit organisations. She has held several leadership and administrative roles in education and is currently involved in several committees including SACME, AAMC, Harrison Survey Group, SGEA and several others within Duke. She recently has been elected to serve as Treasurer, Board of the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions. Chitra’s special interests include design, development and delivery of large scope educational implementation projects working in collaboration with the Health systems, gathering real world evidence on education and its impact working with research networks, community organisations and education providers.