Dr James Ruiter

Salus Global Corporation, Canada

James Ruiter is Medical Director and Vice President for Salus Global. James co-chairs the Obstetrical Content Review committee of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada. He is a member of the Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science faculty of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. During his 20 years in rural practice in Alberta, James became an active participant of the moreOB programme. As he became more involved in change in medicine, he became interested in the process of change in the culture of medicine. Burning out of practice, James joined Salus Global in 2008 to help others achieve some of the successes he and his team were able to share. In this capacity, he has worked with hundreds of teams across North America from coast to coast to coast. James’ interests include complexity science in healthcare and the practical application of resilience thinking to help rebuild engagement and improve the quality of life at work in healthcare.