Dr Mark Westwood

St. Bartholomews Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust, UK

Mark Westwood is a Consultant Cardiologist who clinically practices in cardiac MRI and cardiac CT. His interest in training and education spans many years, where he has been a Training Programme Director for Cardiology in North East London for seven years and responsible for all the training and education for all cardiology trainees (about 70) in this area. More recently he has become Vice President of the Cardiology Specialty Advisory Committee, the national body in the UK responsible for all cardiology training. He has held many positions of responsibility in national and international societies around training, education, examination delivery and assessment of examination quality. He is the current President of Council for European Specialists Medical Assessment (CESMA), the part of European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) responsible for appraising European postgraduate assessments (such as examinations) and also mentorship of UEMS sections across medicine and surgery to provide high quality postgraduate assessment.