Dr Sophie Wilson

International Medical Press, UK

Sophie Wilson joined International Medical Press (IMP) at the beginning of 2005 and is Director of Continuing Medical Education (CME) Services. She has a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Bristol, UK where she undertook research and published on surface cell glycoproteins that determine blood Rhesus factor. Prior to joining IMP, she worked in medical communications with Meditech Media for over 13 years, first as a medical writer and then as a project manager. Since joining International Medical Press in 2005, Sophie has directed a broad range of projects involving a variety of communication formats – peer-review publications, live events, webcasts and online educational initiatives. Therapy areas include virology, immunology, endocrinology and respiratory. She is a driving force for CME/independent medical education (IME) programmes at IMP and is responsible for CME/CPD accreditation and compliance. Working closely with content teams, she strives to integrate adult learning principles in all activities and ensure learning outcomes. International Medical Press are members of the Good CME Practice (gCMEp) group (www.gcmep.org).