Mia Neve

Liberum IME, UK

Mia Neve has over 7 years of experience in medical communications with a focus on Continuing Medical Education (CME)/Independent Medical Education (IME). She has acted as team lead in delivering a number of global eLearning platforms, global educational outreach programmes, CME-accredited conferences and satellite symposia. Mia holds a postgraduate certificate in education with distinction and brings invaluable expertise of adult learning theory and educational design to all educational outputs. Mia has experience across a wide range of therapeutic areas, including urology, oncology, cardiology, neurobiology, allergy, nutrition, pulmonology and opioid dependence. In 2017, Mia’s innovation, creativity and educational expertise was recognised when she was shortlisted as a finalist for the 2017 Communiqué Young Achiever of the Year award.