Suzanne Murray

AXDEV Group, Canada

Suzanne Murray, often referred to as the ‘Professional & Credible Provocateure’ - a leader provoking change, evolution and improvement - is the Founder & CEO of AXDEV Group, Global (US) and Europe GmbH, with a professional career spanning over 30 years in organisational development, management, healthcare research, education and performance improvement. Suzanne’s leadership and innovative approach have guided decision makers in major organisations and in various industries to assess strategies and operational needs for professionals as well as organisational performance excellence. She has presented and published in over 100 international peer-reviewed conferences and journals specialising in human, organisational performance and education. Suzanne is a recipient of multiple international awards in medical education and as an entrepreneur dedicated to healthcare. She is a Board Member for the Journal of European CME (JECME) and for Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME).