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Session 5 Plenary

Rapid change and adaptivity: the new essential competencies of CME-CPD providers  

Led by Margarita Velcheva (Good CME Practice group), with Pamela Funes (Kenes), Thomas Kleinoeder (KWHC), Mia Neve (Liberum IME), Miriam Uhlmann (AO Foundation) and Sophie Wilson (IMP)

Due to accelerated changes and restrictions imposed within the context of a global pandemic, CME-CPD providers are challenged to quickly adapt educational activity planning and delivery, while still maintaining best practices and quality. 


After this session, participants should be able to: 

  • List major changes in the global CME-CPD environment from the perspective of an education provider. 

  • Discuss practical strategies to enable continued implementation of high-quality educational activities in the context of a pandemic. 

Developing a pathway for your professional development   

The future is now  

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