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Breakout Workshop 5a

Developing a pathway for your professional development

Led by Steven Kawczak (Cleveland Clinic) and Chitra Subramanian (AO Foundation; ACEhp) 

The COVID era has put CPD of healthcare professionals in the spotlight, and this is an occasion when our profession needs to respond.  Ensuring CPD professionals are competent, adaptable and ready to rise to the challenges of our environment are critical. Workshop attendees will consider what it takes to be successful in programing and implementing continuing education and investigate competencies needed for CPD professionals to be effective in today’s healthcare environment. The session will begin with an introduction and interactive discussion around competency areas and need for competency-based learning strategies. Attendees will break out into small groups to define and develop CPD strategies and reconvene and share with the whole workshop group. The audience will also be surveyed to gain an understanding of their self-perceived knowledge and gaps regarding competences.


After this session, participants should be able to:

  • Identify Competency Areas for continuing education professionals.

  • Describe the rationale for each competency as it relates to creating, implementing and evaluating quality continuing education that is linked to team-based performance improvement.

  • Develop strategies for professional development activities for CE professionals.


Educational materials:

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