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Breakout Workshop 1a

Identifying factors for success in online learning

Led by Miriam Uhlmann (AO Foundation), with Amy Farr (ERS), Jo Varney (Ogilvy Health) and Jane Wiedler (AO Foundation)

The past few weeks have shown that we can do online learning, because we did not have an option. But is it successful? Are faculty members ready to teach online? Can they use technology appropriately? Are our online programs properly designed or did we just transform face-to-face into online activities? And how do we measure success? Can we use the same evaluation and assessment methods for online as we use for face-to-face learning? These are the questions which we will discuss during this session. An introductory short presentation will be followed by interactive small group breakouts. Results from the breakouts will be summarised and reported back to the plenary. 


After this session, participants should be able to: 

  • Identify and discuss factors which contribute to proper instructional design for online and blended learning. 

  • Reflect on the importance of faculty training for online teaching as success factor. 

  • Analyse if assessment and evaluation instruments used for face-to-face learning activities are appropriate for online learning. 

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