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Breakout Workshop 1c

Digitising interprofessional collaboration  

Led by Julie-Lyn Nöel (EUROSPINE), with Jamiu Busari (Maastricht University; Horacio Oduber Hospital), Margareta Nordin (EUROSPINE) and Francisco Baptista (Francisco Serrano Baptista Consulting)

Interprofessional collaboration is in the forefront in delivering the best health care, more so in these complex times. Collaborative practice is now more than ever very important in the present global context of COVID where there is lack of resources, lack of staff, limited emergency capacities, risk aversion, complex patient stratification and potential quarantine measures in place. Pragmatic use of digital technologies has become necessary: 

  • Health care professionals have to be educated on interprofessional collaboration in digital settings 

  • Health care professionals have to be enabled to communicate and collaborate effectively in digital settings in order to deliver optimal health care  


After this session, participants should be able to: 

  • Identify key features of interprofessional collaboration addressed in digital settings. 

  • Identify promoters and barriers to interprofessional collaboration education in digital settings. 

  • Plan an approach to a successful interprofessional collaboration education in a digital setting. 


Educational materials:

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