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Breakout Workshop 1b

CME/CPD outcomes in oncology: A global perspective

Ann Lichti, Janvi Sharma and Phil Talamo (Physicians Education Resource) 

The speed at which fields like oncology move makes it challenging to clinically measure improvements in physician performance and patient outcomes. As education providers, it is important for us to know how much CME/CPD factors into a physician’s daily clinical life. In this session, we will hear from two leading oncology thought leaders who practise medicine in Europe. Providers must understand these clinical realities so that we can be realistic about the outcomes we can expect to measure.  


After this session, participants should be able to: 

  • Recognize the clinical decision-making process and patients' goals of therapy on CME/CPD activity outcomes. 

  • Identify optimal methods for assessing and obtaining both subjective and objective data as they relative to improved physician specialitsts' behaviour. 

  • Collaborate with faculty so that outcomes levels and assessment methodology account for clinical realities in care. 

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