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Session 2 Plenary

Evolving collaborations between medical societies and industry in the digitalisation of congresses

Led by Eva Thalmann (Janssen; Chair, iPACME; Chair, EFPIA Working Group on Medical Education), with Arthur Cannon (Roche), Dale Kummerle (GAME) and Christian-Claus Roth (Novartis)

Experts at the 2019 Futurist Forum predicted that another 5 years will be needed to switch to digital learning. In March 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic all congresses, and physical learning activities were cancelled. Medical Societies, Academia and Industry among many stakeholders switched within 4 weeks to a digital learning approach. Conversions of big Medical Congresses in a short time were needed and new collaborations started, as the Future was here earlier than expected. 


After this session, participants should be able to: 

  • Reflect on collaborations to digitalize congresses and other learning programmes. 

  • Discuss new collaborations between stakeholders for the future. 

What does industry expect in good IME?

Importance of informal learning and how this has changed in a digital world  

Why is industry involved in medical education and learning? 

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