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Breakout Workshop 2b

Importance of informal learning and how this has changed in a digital world  

Led by Jonas Nordquist (Karolinska Institutet), with Céline Carrera (EIT Health), Dean Jenkins (UCB) and Celeste Kolanko (Liberum IME)

Informal learning and networking are a pivotal part of any educational event. Digitalisation of courses and congresses has to a significant degree focused on the formal sessions and how to make them interactive. There is still a huge gap in our understanding of how informal learning can be developed and transferred from physical events to digital. This session will consist of an introduction to the topic followed by a facilitated round table addressing best practice on how to accommodate informal learning in a digital world in addition to the formal programme. 


After this session, participants should be able to: 

  • Identify best practice on how to design educational events in order to maximise informal learning in addition to the formal programme. 

  • Design your own strategy to enhance informal learning when planning, designing and organising educational events. 

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