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Breakout Workshop 2a

What does industry expect in good IME?

Led by Pamela Mason (AstraZeneca) with Patricia Jassak (Astellas) and Elizabeth Kelly (Eli Lilly)

It has been shown that independent medical education is effective in improving physician performance and clinical outcomes of patients. Industry has the opportunity to support quality, impactful IME that address knowledge and competency gaps and unmet medical needs. There are specific considerations when education providers are seeking commercial support. This session will begin with a panel discussion (20 minutes) followed by breakouts and participant discussion on 3 key topics for 20 minutes.  


After this session, participants should be able to: 

  • Explore key components of independent medical education that yield high quality, impactful medical education. Need for alignment between gaps, learning objectives, educational format & outcomes. 

  • Identify learning formats suitable for the changing landscape. 

  • Reflect on what can be done in medical education to be more diverse and inclusive. 

  • Describe ways to include patients in medical education. 


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