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Session 3 Plenary 

The role and shape of congresses in the digital age

Led by David Vodušek (BioMed Alliance; EAN) and Michel Ballieu (BioMed Alliance), with Isabel Bardinet (ESC), João Grenho (UEMS-EACCME), Juan Palou (ESU/EAU), Julia Rautenstrauch (EULAR) and Robin Stevenson (JECME)

In future years, historians will mention the year 2020 as being the turning point in the digital revolution. It only took a single microscopic virus, which is neither virtual nor digital, for medical associations to be forced to reconvert their traditionalcongress, based on a long-established concept, into a new format. A new format pushing organisers to innovate and take risks hitherto unsuspected. With this in mind, this session will address themes common to the world of European medical associations. Organized under the auspices of the Biomedical Alliance in Europe, the session will be presented by a panel of experts and facilitated by BioMed Alliance representatives.


After this session, participants should be able to:

  • Evaluate the challenges of congresses in 2021.

  • Describe elements of the congress of the future.

  • Debate the adaptation of CME accreditation.

  • Discuss what we have neglected in our educational efforts so far

The extended event: using technology to reach and engage a diverse audience

The role of the patient voice and its influence on health profession education 

Standards for substantive equivalency between CPD/CME accreditation systems 

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