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Breakout Workshop 3b

Patients as teachers and COI as a side effect: How to do it right? 

Led by Marcin Rodzinka (Mental Health Europe), with Paul Scheffer (FORMINDEP) and Ellie White (Health Action International)

Patient involvement in medical education is becoming an increasingly common topic around the world, recognising the authentic, relevant and important knowledge of patients about their health and treatment. However, with regard to practical forms of involvement and the role of the patient, much remains to be discussed. Likewise, the challenges of involving different stakeholders in health profession education in terms of transparency and accountability. The faculty members will briefly introduce the topic using their extensive experience and knowledge of the issues at stake. Each faculty member will then facilitate a subgroup discussion on a predetermined question about patient involvement in medical education and the transparency expectations of different stakeholders.  The participants will be asked to answer a few live questions and will actively participate in the discussions with the faculty trying to come up with a solution to a predefined question / challenge.    


After this session, participants should be able to: 

  • Recognise the role of the patient involvement in medical education and its impact on health profession education.  

  • Describe the most common challenges related to multi-stakeholder involvement in medical education and recognise the importance of keeping medical education transparent and accountable to the patients and the public. 


Educational materials: 

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