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Breakout Workshop 3c

How to provide a truly interprofessional education for clinicians 

Led by Sam Kynman (European Pain Federation – EFIC) and Bart Morlion

The European Pain Federation EFIC represents a very diverse range of professions. Pain is a biopsychosocial phenomenon and pain management involves a range of treatment modalities and the input of many professionals. EFIC need to provide an educational programme that supports all of these professionals, considering their common scientific trunk and their diversity in competences and expertise. This session will explore how this has been done so far and what challenges were presented.  This session will consist of a conversation with EFIC Past President, Professor Bart Morlion, chair of the Examination Committee for the European Diploma in Pain Medicine and chair of the EFIC Pain Schools Working Group. The conversation will explore the complexities of the topic and how the organisations have tried to address it. Participants will be invited to contribute questions. 


After this session, participants should be able to: 

  • Assess how a multidisciplinary field of practice is addressed in an educational programme. 

  • Cater to different professions in one educational programme without creating silos. 

  • Bring professionals with varying competences and expertise into common learning environments. 

Educational materials:

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