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Breakout Workshop 4a

Getting an Activity Accredited in Europe    

Mia Neve (Liberum IME), Camilla De Filippi (Siyemi Learning) and Monica Ghidinelli (AO Foundation)

Feedback from the last few ECF meetings has shown that attendees have identified a perceived knowledge gap on how to obtain accreditation in Europe. This session aims to address this need by focusing on the purpose of accreditation in Europe and offering helpful tips and points of consideration for the application process. The session will cover a checklist of items to help you on the application journey and offer guidance for a successful application. The session will feature a short plenary with interactive polling questions, plenty of group discussion, and time for Q&A designed to engage the audience. 


After this session, participants should be able to: 

  • Describe the purpose of accreditation  

  • Chose an accreditor that is appropriate for your education   

  • Design education that will meet the requirements of the accreditors 

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