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Breakout Workshop 4c

Adapting to new opportunities in medical education: from f2f to virtual

With Diana van Brakel and Margarita Velcheva (Kenes) 

We will discuss strategies for implementing quality and effective education in a virtual environment. In recent months, we’ve had to change many medical educational activities from live to virtual. By sharing experiences, we’ll touch on some of the challenges and opportunities that can arise. No matter the size, scope, or type of virtual meeting, the online world has gifted us the opportunity to easily capture all the content that is presented. This in turn opens new doors for impactful continuous education. This session will include a brief presentation, case study, polls and an assignment in break-out groups where delegates discuss the opportunities that a virtual environment has given us in medical education.   


After this session, participants should be able to: 

  • Discuss practical strategies to enable implementation of quality learning in a virtual learning environment. 

  • Identify barriers and opportunities within a virtual learning environment. 

  • Identify opportunities for creating impactful continuous education from content of the virtual meeting. 

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